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ProSkate Edmonton has been custom fitting some of the best on-ice athletes at all levels for over 35 years. Having a pair of properly fitted and aligned skates improves your confidence, power and performance. Our dedication to innovation and personalized service is why so many pro Hockey Players, Ringette Players and World Class Figure Skaters all choose the ProSkate performance advantage.

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  • $909.99 - $1109.99

    Hyperlite 2 Skates ( Steel Not Included)

  • $999.99

    Aura Sky 200 Boot

  • $1099.99 - $1299.99

    CCM FT6 PRO Skates

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We conduct a detailed assessment of each skater’s feet and unique biomechanics. Do they pronate/supinate? Wide feet/narrow feet? High arches/flat feet? Are there any bumps that could become pressure points?

We take pride in our signature skate fitting system built on individual blade alignment, custom comfort adjustments, dynamic blade profiling and commitment to providing the best quality skate sharpening.

Our exclusive process puts your performance and comfort first.