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For 35 years ProSkate has applied our exclusive and personalized customization of both the boot and the blade. Our skate technicians are trained to adjust the fit of your boot, custom profile the blade, and align the blade on the boot specifically for your stance (biomechanics). The truth is, we can literally disassemble the skate and put it back together in a way that fits and performs the way you want. ProSkates Custom Fitting experience can elevate your performance and take your comfort to a whole new level.


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Boots & Sets

Want to maximize your performance and comfort? Explore the best features and design from Jackson, Edea, Aura and Ri-Sport.


Need an upgrade or just want lighter blades? Check out the latest Technology from Jackson Ultima, MK, and John Wilson.

Accessories and Training

See the world of guards and covers or explore off ice training aids.

Enhance Your Edge

The ProSkate difference is that we fit for your individual comfort and performance .

Most Skates are mass produced and are not tailored to anyone’s individual body or specific skating style… However, everyBODY is unique. Even if you buy the best pair of figure skates available off the shelf, they may not provide you the support or perfect comfort you expect. Or perhaps the boot fits, but just won’t stand up to the rigors of your high-energy competitive skating season. Let our Professionals get you to your highest performance and comfort level!

Popular Performance Enhancing Services:

This may be the simplest and yet most important service needed. Our unique 4-edge sharpening approach ensures the best and most consistent sharpening.

Price: $15.00

Do you feel you’re losing an edge but hate to get your blades fully sharpened, especially before competition? We can give you the perfect mid sharpen extension with a wet stone sharpening by hand!!

Free for PS Clients

Save more with a range of sharpening card options.

10 for $125

Did you know that your blades can wear unevenly? Skaters do not use all of the edges the same and they can wear uneven over time. This can lead to the rocker changing. ProSkate can reshape the rocker to maintain consistency.

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Sometimes recreational or young skaters can catch the front pick . We can remove picks safely and cleanly while maintaining the aesthetics.

Price: $15.00/Pair

Get your blades switched over into the same spot safely and securely.

Price: $40.00/Pair

Blade alignment Is a process of positioning the blade under the boot so that your unique center of gravity is directly over the blade .
Proper alignment gives you better control of both inside and outside edge while increasing jump height and tightens your spins, it also helps to reduce injury and fatigue.


Are your blades always bending, get a lot of chatter, squeaks or loud noises? Maybe your blades are not mounted flush to the sole and are torqued? WE can shave most soles to ensure a flush mount and best transfer of energy.


Heel lifts are a quick and easy way to increase knee bend , reduce lower back strain, and will help to bring a skater’s weight over the toe.

$30.00 pair

Do you have one leg shorter than the other? Or maybe your hips or back are out of alignment. ProSkate can lift skates to help with any discrepancies you may have.

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Figure is a high impact sport and sometimes your blades can become bent on a hard landing. We regularly check for bends on every sharpen and can remove and remount blades if needed.

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Do you feel you are not getting enough ankle support or heel lock? Getting speed wobbles? In some cases we can physically narrow the ankle and heel of you boot to reduce negative space thus securing your heel and ankle.

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Got new skates and they just wont break in? Maybe they are just too stiff and need to be flexed. We can safely impel the upper of a boot to flex correctly over the toe.

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In my 25 years on the ice, I’ve not met a professional who does what Sean Cheffins can do. We rely on Sean to take care of every technical aspect of our boots and blades and he continuously delivers with the highest level of expertise. Thank you to Sean and everyone at ProSkate! You’re simply the best in the business!

Evan Bates
3x US National champion, Olympic Silver Medalist

Feel Your Edge

Many of us have experienced pain in skates before and some people even believe it is normal. Here at ProSkate we want you to know that SKATES SHOULD NOT HURT!
The correct skates, properly fitted and adjusted for you, can make all the difference.

Let our Professionals guide you through our custom comfort options to ensure that you can skate PAIN FREE for hours.

Popular Comfort Enhancing Services:

Even the smallest tight spot can become a massive distraction from your performance. Don’t wait any longer to have that nagging tight spot gone for good.

Price: $5.00/Spot

Most people know about heat molding or “skate baking” but what most don’t know is that there are many specific reasons to use it. It is a powerful tool, when used intentionally, for altering the shape and fit of the boot to ensure the best fit for your specific shape. Molding can be done multiple times for different reasons to ensure perfect fit.

Price: $30.00/Pair

Cause Sometimes you just need a little more room…. whether your feet have changed from time, pregnancy, or the kids just keep on growing!! Skate stretching is a 4-8 hour process in which we use heat and pressure to physically stretch a boot.

We can add length, width , or both. We can even add extra space for that bunion or corn.

Price: $40.00

Ankle Padding

Add more padding to get the snuggest fit and maximum support.

Price: $40.00/Ankle

Tongue worn out or just want to add another layer of comfort and protection? We can stitch a layer of felt over top of your existing tongue.

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Is your tongue too wide? OR has a sharp edge? We can stitch and cut the tongue to match your unique foot shape.

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Love the skate but hate your tongue? ProSkate can stitch or rivet in new tongues to replace one that just doesn’t work for your foot or flex.

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Got a Blister? Did you know most blisters are not from tight boots but from too much room? Sometimes a boot can be too big or just the wrong shape. By applying the correct heat and pressure ProSkate can stop those blisters fast.

Price: $30.00

Heel bumps are a very common issue but they do not have a common cause. Assessing the foot and skate to find out exactly why the bump is growing is the first step to fixing the problem.

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This is another one of those common issues with a large range of causes. Worn out tongues, skates too stiff, over tightening… These are just some of the causes for the painful problem. Let our Professionals assess your specific cause to find your specific solution.

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Don’t Wait to Perform and
Feel your Best!

Maintain Your Edge

Figure Skating is a demanding sport and the stress on your Skates is great!!
With all the requirements of today’s figure skating, we know you need skates and blades you can count on to perform your best.
We offer you a wide range of repairs and services to help you train smarter and save money. Your skates WILL last longer and perform better with ProSkate.

Popular Repairs and Upgrades:

Replace a rusted screw or just add extras

Price: $1-3 Each

Broken and ripped out hooks are an absolute pain and a nightmare in competitions. Get them replaced or tightened at Proskate. Usually the same day.

Price: $15.00/Set

Got a lace that ripped through the leather. We can rebuild it stronger than before.

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Need just a bit more life out of your boots, or maybe just like a very stiff feel? ProSkate can stiffen the eyelets to give it a strong feel.

Price: $50.00/Pair

Is your boot creasing too much or just can’t get the middle tight enough. We can add a hook behind the flex point to help you pull the boot tight.

We can cut back a freestyle boot to give it a low cut “dance” feel.

Price: $50.00/Pair

Blades coming loose or don’t sit flat? We can waterproof and even resurface your worn out or moldy soles.

Price: $50.00/Pair

Add more padding to your worn out ankles or just tighten up the support.

Price: $50.00/Pair

Is your tongue too wide? OR has a sharp edge? We can stitch and cut the tongue to match your unique foot shape.

Price: $50.00/Pair

Does you tongue move too much. We can add a hook or loop to it to secure it in place.

Please contact us if you have a unique issue or idea and we will use our experience to work with you on the right solution.

“Amazing experience!! Helped me with making my skates fit perfectly. Highly recommended for all your figure skating needs!!”

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