Hockey Skates

Bauer Supreme Shadow

The NEW SUPREME SHADOW skate brings unmatched power to the ice like you’ve never seen before. Engineered for the new era of power skaters, the lower portion of the SUPREME SHADOW skate uses stiffer materials for increased energy creation and explosiveness, while the upper portion uses a more flexible and responsive material to maximize range of motion for game-breaking deception.
Key Features:
POWERFLY Holder – A first-of-its-kind holder designed to adapt and respond to every skating
move. The stiff front post increases energy transfer in every stride while the flexible back post
delivers faster side-to-side motions to help make you unstoppable on the ice.
Carbon CONNECT Outsole – The SUPREME SHADOW skate features a 40% stiffer outsole
compared to the SUPREME MACH skate — helping to increase acceleration and push-off
power so you can react quicker on the ice.
ERGO CONNECT Toe Cap – A redesigned shape and improved integration between the toe
cap and boot create a stiffer and more responsive forefoot, improving overall comfort and on-ice

  • SR

    $1119.99 (Steel not included)

  • INT

    $919.99 (Steel not included)